The purple mustache was chosen to be fun and give hope to a hopeless disease. To inspire when there seems to be no inspiration. The purple mustache enhances and reinforces pancreatic cancer awareness in a fun, impactful powerful way. The SEJF invites everyone who has purchased a purple mustache to have fun and enjoy a laugh by showing a photo or video of themselves wearing it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ect.). Starting November 1, we encourage those who purchase to tag us in their photo or video by using the hastage: #kickpcstache, #kickcancerstache, #thesejf

On November 27 we will flood the internet with funny pictures and videos of “who” and “why” we are wearing our purple mustache.

All proceeds are used to support theSEJF programs that work to support and uplift patients and families battling pancreatic cancer for Absolutely FREE.

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